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Harry Potter Siblings

Fics and essays centered around the siblings of Potterverse.

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Hello, and welcome to Siblings In Potterverse. We are a community for fanfiction and essays that relate to sibling relationships and friendships that are equal to siblings (i.e. Sirius and James). The site is run by Amy (author_by_night) and Barb ( barbara_the_w). :)

Some things to note before posting:

1. This community is partially gen - as in, the characters you are focusing on cannot be in a romantic relationship. Arthur and Molly can be getting married, and Molly is talking to Fabian; however, Molly cannot also be in love with Fabian.

2. Yes, friendships count, as long as the friendship is clearly sibling-like.

3. There will be challenges, but they won't be constant, and you do not have to do them. They will mostly be made to give ideas, so to speak.

4. Anything longer than 200 words (a full page in Microsoft Word) must be under a cut, as well as anything over a PG-13 rating. Additionally, NC-17 is not allowed.

Feel free to email us if you have any additional questions! We can be reached at azaelia04@yahoo.com (Amy) or barbara_the_w@yahoo.com (Barb).

Have fun posting!